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Global Bakery and Cereals Market: Merger and Acquisitions March 2016

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The report provides a review of the mergers and acquisitions (M&As), partnering deals, and agreements entered into by companies active in the global bakery & cereals market during March.

Key Findings

Using this report, dealmakers w

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The report provides a review of the mergers and acquisitions (M&As), partnering deals, and agreements entered into by companies active in the global bakery & cereals market during March.

Key Findings

Using this report, dealmakers will effectively gain an insight into deal activity of the global bakery & cereals market throughout the month. Additionally, the report provides an overview of all the partnering, alliances, and M&A deals announced worldwide.

The monthly report provides the reader with the top-line data necessary to quickly keep abreast of deal activity in the global bakery & cereals market on a monthly basis.

Reasons To Buy

The report provides a snapshot of the deal activity trends in the global bakery & cereals market in March. The report is a mixture of graphs, charts, tables and text in an effort to give the reader the maximum possible information in the most efficient and visually appealing manner.

The report provides an overview of the deal activity across various deal types in the month of March in terms of deal status and deal type.



1 Introduction

1.1 What is this Report About?

1.2 Definitions

1.3 Summary Methodology

2 Deal Analysis

2.1 Analysis by Deal Status-Global Bakery & Cereals Market

2.2 Analysis by Deal Type-Global Bakery & Cereals Market

3 Nissin Foods to Acquire 17.27% Stake in Premier Foods from Warburg Pincus

3.1 Deal Facts

3.2 Deal in Brief

3.3 Acquirers

3.4 Vendors

3.5 Targets

3.6 Company Financial Information

3.7 Company Financials

3.8 Financial Ratios

3.9 Financial Advisors:

4 Fujio Food System to Acquire Luo Donut (Hara Donuts) from Muku Co.

4.1 Deal Facts

4.2 Deal in Brief

4.3 Acquirers

4.4 Vendors

4.5 Targets

4.6 Company Financial Information

5 Premium Brands Holdings to Raise USD57.43 Million through Bought-Deal Offering of Convertible Unsecured Subordinated Debentures

5.1 Deal Facts

5.2 Deal in Brief

5.3 Targets

5.4 Company Financial Information

5.5 Deal Financials

5.6 Financial Advisors:

6 Premium Brands to Acquire All Assets and Business Undertakings of C&C Packing and Premier Meat Packers

6.1 Deal Facts

6.2 Deal in Brief

6.3 Deal Rationale

6.4 Acquirers

6.5 Vendors

6.6 Payment Information

6.7 Target Assets

7 ITC Acquires Technico Agri Sciences from Technico

7.1 Deal Facts

7.2 Deal in Brief

7.3 Deal Rationale

7.4 Acquirers

7.5 Vendors

7.6 Targets

7.7 Company Financial Information

7.8 Deal Financials

7.9 Payment Information

8 Better For You Acquires That's How We Roll

8.1 Deal Facts

8.2 Deal in Brief

8.3 Deal Rationale

8.4 Acquirers

8.5 Targets

8.6 Company Financial Information

9 American Bakers Association to Merge with Biscuit & Cracker Manufacturers' Association

9.1 Deal Facts

9.2 Deal in Brief

9.3 Deal Rationale

9.4 Targets

9.5 Company Financial Information

10 Cerealto Siro Foods to Acquire Biscuit Factory from Mondelez International

10.1 Deal Facts

10.2 Deal in Brief

10.3 Acquirers

10.4 Vendors

10.5 Target Assets

11 Alan Hardie and Ian Appleton Plan to Sell Paterson Arran

11.1 Deal Facts

11.2 Deal in Brief

11.3 Vendors

11.4 Targets

11.5 Company Financial Information

11.6 Financial Advisors:

12 Owen Killian Sells 0.5% Stake in Aryzta

12.1 Deal Facts

12.2 Deal in Brief

12.3 Vendors

12.4 Targets

12.5 Company Financial Information

12.6 Deal Financials

12.7 Financial Ratios

13 B&G Foods Raises USD154.33 Million in Public Offering of Shares

13.1 Deal Facts

13.2 Deal in Brief

13.3 Deal Rationale

13.4 Targets

13.5 Company Financial Information

13.6 Company Financials

13.7 Financial Ratios

13.8 Financial Advisors:

13.9 Legal Advisors

14 Michael's Cookie Jar Acquires Chocolate Pizazz

14.1 Deal Facts

14.2 Deal in Brief

14.3 Acquirers

14.4 Targets

14.5 Company Financial Information

15 Friedman Ventures (Hatchery) Plans to Raise USD2 Million in Seed Funding

15.1 Deal Facts

15.2 Deal in Brief

15.3 Deal Rationale

15.4 Targets

16 Arbor Investments Acquires South Coast Baking

16.1 Deal Facts

16.2 Deal in Brief

16.3 Acquirers

16.4 Targets

16.5 Company Financial Information

16.6 Legal Advisors

17 Carritech Research Plans to Raise USD0.496 Million in Equity Crowd Funding Round

17.1 Deal Facts

17.2 Deal in Brief

17.3 Deal Rationale

17.4 Targets

18 Appendix

18.1 About Canadean

18.2 Disclaimer

List Of Figure

Figure 1: Global Bakery & Cereals Market by Deal Status

Figure 2: Global Bakery & Cereals Market by Deal Type

List Of Table

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